Computer Forensics

What is Computer Forensics?

Computer Forensics is the art of gathering digital artifacts in a technically sound manner that will enable it to be used as legally substantiated evidence, in a court of justice.

When do I need computer forensic services?

These services can be used in any situation where a digital device could potentially hold evidence to support a judicial decision, for example: text messages sent via cell phones or an email send via PC or PDA / Blackberry device. Those techniques are also used to uncover electronic documents that have been hidden or deleted from a Personal Computer.

Can my IT staff handle the forensic procedures?

No, if your personnel have not been trained to gather and preserve digital artifacts then there is a large possibility that even if the proper information has been retrieved, it may not have been done in a forensically sound manner. It is the retrieval and preservation process that determines the admissibility of digital artifacts in a court of law.

Why should I choose Data Analyzers
to perform my Digital Forensic Analysis?

  • The legal community, e.g. Lawyers, Sheriffs and Judges, is familiar with our services.
  • All of our Examiners are Certified Computer Forensic Specialists
  • We have the ability to perform Forensic imaging and analysis on most PC based systems and digital devices, including Windows, UNIX, Linux and Macintosh PC Systems, Servers, Laptops, Digital Recorders and Hand-held devices.
  • We are a firm of specialists that focuses 100% on data recovery and digital forensics
  • Most firms of computer forensic services fail when confronted with the problem of reading the data from a malfunctioning device. Our years of experience in data recovery give us an advantage.

Some of our notable clients

We have successfully recovered data for a vast amount of individuals and corporations. These here are some of the notable clients that have decided to choose us for their data recovery needs.

Global Data Recovery Alliance

With an exclusive international membership, Global Data Recovery Alliance is the world's first professional association of independent commercial data recovery experts.

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